An all-in-one observability solution which aims to combine the advantages of Prometheus and Grafana. It manages alert rules and visualizes metrics, logs, traces in a beautiful web UI.

Get started

Open-source Apache-2.0 Licensed

Out of the box

Supports Docker, Helm Chart, cloud services and other deployment methods; integrates data collection, monitoring, and visualization; built-in monitoring dashboards, shortcut views, and alerting rule templates, which can be imported for quick use; dramatically reduces the cost of construction, learning, and use of cloud-native monitoring systems.

Professional alerting

Visualized alerting configuration and management, support for rich alerting rules, provide muting rules, subscription rules configuration capabilities, support for multiple alarm delivery channels, support for alarm self-healing, alarm event management, etc.


Rapidly build an enterprise-grade cloud-native monitoring system in a turnkey manner, supporting multiple collectors such as Categraf, Telegraf, Grafana-agent, etc., multiple databases such as Prometheus, VictoriaMetrics, M3DB, ElasticSearch, etc., and compatibility with Grafana dashboards, for seamless integration into the cloud-native ecosystem.

High performance, high availability

Thanks to Nightingale's multi-data source management engine, and Nightingale's excellent architectural design on the engine side, with the help of high-performance timing libraries, it can satisfy hundreds of millions of timeline collection, storage, alarm analysis scenarios, saving a lot of costs; Nightingale monitoring components can be horizontally scalable, with no single point, and have been deployed in thousands of enterprises, and have withstood the rigorous production practice test!

Flexible scaling, centralized management

Nightingale can be deployed in a 1-core 1G cloud host, can be deployed in hundreds of machines clustered, can be run in K8s; can also be timing libraries, alarm engines and other components sunk to each machine room, each Region, taking into account the edge of the deployment and the centralized unified management, to solve the problem of fragmentation of the data, the lack of a unified view of the problem.

Open community

Hosted by the Open Source Development Committee of the China Computer Federation, with the continuous investment of Flashcat and many other companies, and the active participation of thousands of community users, as well as the clear positioning of the Nightingale monitoring project, have ensured that the Nightingale open source community is healthy and long-lasting development. The active and professional community users are also continuing to precipitate more and more best practices in the product.